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Corporate Brand Logos Being Sold for Right to

Be on University Sweatshirts

On the Binghamton University campus and on campuses across America, a disturbing new trend is rising with regard to University Apparel. College students often buy their school logo sweatshirts, pants, shirts, and jackets from the school bookstore which is almost always overpriced as it is to begin with. Most of these school bookstores also happen to be owned by Barns amp; Noble. However, the most disturbing new trend has been that schools are putting corporate logos and brands onto school apparel. On the Binghamton University campus, the author of the Binghamton University logo on the front of the Binghamton University letter sweatshirt. Honestly, who wants a corporate brand. Putting corporate logos onto apparel is simply wrong.


Now many people would assume that since the school and the bookstore is getting more revenue by putting corporate brands on school than the price of clothing would be cheap. But that’s not true at all. Instead, the increased profits are going right back into the school and Barns amp; Noble.

This trend has not only occurred on the Binghamton University campus in New York, but on college bookstores across the country as well. Students are pissed about this recent development but unfortunately, there’s not much that students can do about this. Students love showing school in the shape of clothing and there is no alternative for buying school gear elsewhere.

The only other alternative is to go to Steve amp; Barry’s clothing store which has many locations scattered across the country. Steven amp; Barry’s contains almost every college university and has a much lower cost than your school bookstore. However, the situation is more important than that of being able to stay at school or on campus.

Despite students who are not happy with the move, they are still buying from the school bookstore. The amount of corporate sponsorships on Universities and Universities continues to increase and decrease profits. Click here  write my paper

The only suggestion that you can make for a massive student of the school bookstore by refusing to buy school with sponsorships on them. If the clothing is not selling, the bookstore will have no choice but to remove these corporate sponsorships.



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